Monday, February 21, 2011

The Process for Getting a Stone Model Impression

This 9-step simple presentation is provided so that all parties (the Speech Language Pathologist, the Client, and Dentist) know the process for getting an upper stone model impression.
We will walk you through every step of the way and you will be able to see how easy it really is!
1. Complete Speech sends packets that look like this to the Speech Language Pathologist.

2. The SLP then gives these to the client(s) he or she is going to have use the Palatometer.
3. The Client then sets up an appointment with the Dentist that has been approved to create the Upper Palate Impression/ Stone Model. The Client then takes their packet with them to their dental appointment.
4. When the Dentist or Technician opens up the packet, this is what they will see: Prepaid shipping box, bubble wrap for wrapping the stone model, instructions on how to make a good stone model, and shipping instructions.

5. The Dentist or Technician takes the Upper Palate Impression.

6. The stone model is then made from the stone model impression. The stone model should extend back behind the rear molars and even into the soft palate, also leaving no porosity in the teeth.
7. Once the stone model is ready the Dental Office or Technician wraps the stone model in bubble wrap and puts it in the provided shipping box along with the invoice.

8. Then all that is left for the Dental Office to do is put the box in the mail! CompleteSpeech will then pay the invoice within a week or two.

9. The SmartPalate (custom mouth piece) is then sent to the Speech Language Pathologist so his or her client can start on their way to achieving CompleteSpeech!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Welcome to the CompleteSpeech blog! We hope to share stories and information about the Palatometer and are committed to blogging more regularly so watch out here we come!!

Here is an email we recently received from a Speech Language Therapist in Everett, Washington (be sure to follow her link to see Judah's progress at the bottom of the page):

Have you guys seen my website? Because of you this little kid has more confidence.

Happy Holidays