Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cade’s Miraculous /r/ Remediation

At ASHA 2010, CompleteSpeech had a contest offering a 90-day free trial for the Palatometer. To win the contest, participants had to write a description of why they felt they should get a 90-day free trial. As you can imagine there were hundreds of responses. Here is one we received from Dot Cobb, a therapist in Louisiana:

"I need this for "Cade." The 11-year-old has it all- he's smart, he's athletic, he's funny... and he has /r/ problems. Unfortunately, the /r/ problems are starting to lower his self-esteem. His friends are starting to make fun of him. Cade avoids telling stories if he has to say too many /r/ words. Next year, Cade will be in 7th grade. Although he loves his therapist, Cade asked me if I could not follow him to middle school.
From my bag of tricks I have used mirrors, tactile strategies, diagrams, modeling and so forth. Yet, I feel Cade needs something more visual. That need is your Palatometer. I believe the visual feedback using EPG will effectively correct his haunting /r/ problem.
Dr. Schmidt has the scientific data to show EPG works. I have Cade. Give us your device and together we can show Southwest Louisiana (no- the entire state) the positive effects of EPG!"

It was an easy decision. Dot Cobb won the 90-day free trial! She was thrilled, Cade's mom was ecstatic, and Cade was eager to get started. Dot recorded Cade saying 20 vocalic /r/ words before he started using the Palatometer. Watch the video below and see for yourself:

Stay tuned for our next post on May 16th and see how Cade is saying his /r/ today! Don't forget or you'll miss one of the most amazing miracles of your life.